Government Sanctioned Cruelty to over half a Million American Children.

As strange as it may seem there are many disfranchise or second-class citizens in the United States and many of those American citizens have children that look to them for not only food and shelter, but emotional and moral support. At the present time government sanctions are undermining a group of second-class citizens ability not only to provide the emotional support, but the food and shelter as well.

This can’t happen in America, you say, but at the present time there are over an estimated 752,000 people in the United States that are similarly situated in that they have found their children mentally emotionally and physically attacked because of government policies. I recognize that not every person of that 752,000 has a child, but I also know from my own experience that many of them do have multiple children.For the sake of argument let’s say that each one of these people has at least one child of their own, or a stepchild, grandchild, niece or nephew, not to mention spouses, parents, brothers and sisters aunts and uncles. At the present time the estimate is well over 2.5 million people affected by government interference.

At the present time many studies have shown that the damage to this group of individuals is substantial and ongoing. To give you an idea, in a recent study done by Jill Levenson the family impact study ( ) it was found that 47% of this groups children have been harassed ,59% have been ridiculed by others, 22% have been physically attacked, 65% feel left out and lonely, 77% suffer from depression, 63% suffer from fear, 73% suffer from anxiety, 13% have suicidal tendencies and 80% have anger issues related to government sanctions against their parents.

I realize that these percentages don’t make a lot of sense so let’s get down to the real numbers 352,500 children have been harassed, 442,500 children have been ridiculed, 156,000 children have been physically attacked, 487,500 children feel left out and lonely, 577,500 suffer from depression, 472,500 suffer from fear, 547,500 suffer from anxiety, 97,500 children have suicidal tendencies and over 600,000 children have anger issues.

Many of that 752,000 group have been forced from their homes, some have been denied jobs and some have been forced to separate from their families. Many of this group are also young people who have been forced into homelessness because they have been denied the right to live with their parents because of city and state segregation type sanctions placed against them.

At this point I understand your confusion, what is this group of people that this suffering so badly within the United States and why haven’t you heard about them. If you’re a member of the civil rights group you can see the need for someone to stand up and speak out for these people and their families, and the groups that do this will find a large influx of members and money. But sadly, as it was during the 1930s, as Hitler’s regime was starting to take power In Germany and singling out disfavored groups, most people and groups will choose the cowardly way out and will turn a blind eye to this type of discrimination. Others will use bigotry and false information to justify their actions as Americans did against The Japanese-Americans during World War II.

To find these people you have no further to look than your state sex offender registry. Let’s  put one myth to rest immediately, people who have been caught in registrable offenses reoffend at less than 1%,  again since percentages can be misleading lets put it into real numbers. We know that the media plays a sex offender card any time somebody is involved in a media story If a person is on the registry, no matter that they are the victim in a car accident or a victim of a home invasion, it is always pointed out that they are on the registry, but how many times a month does somebody on the registry actually reoffend in a new sex crime. Strange with the media keeping such close tabs on registered citizens and strange that a person on the registry reoffending in the new sex crime only come up with two or three times a month for the entire country. This is especially true when the news media makes a point any time, somebody on the registry reoffends and The story ends up showing all across the country. If a full 1% of the people with prior sexual convictions were to reoffend there would be at least 144 people show up on the news per WEEK instead of the two were three per MONTH that do show up. The few studies that have been done of the re-offense rate of people on the registry show a re-offense rate of less than 1% per year. So It would seem that organizations need to speak up for that 99+% for the families and offenders that have paid their debt to society, but because of the registry, these families and children have been made to suffer a living hell.

Why aren’t other organizations and groups taking a stand and speak out against this state-sponsored segregation and discrimination, because if they don’t soon it will only lead to more segregation and discrimination against other groups. It’s easy for corrupt politicians to pass laws that are only enacted against the low hanging fruit of society, but eventually when that fruit is gone they start picking from higher limbs on the tree. Think about it, if they can get away with it with a specific group of citizens now, you or somebody you know may be the next one that is discriminated against. You need to start acting now to put an end to the segregation and discrimination that has been inacted by public officials against the children and families of registered citizens. Removing community notification will save hundreds of thousands of children from harm way.

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  1. February 26, 2014 at 4:37 am

    Sad. Unspeakable. We as a society and a country should be outraged and ashamed. I know I am.

  2. March 1, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    We have to get mad and then we have to find our voices and begin advocating for our loved ones as well as our families.

  3. Curtis
    March 1, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    I agree with your commentary. What are the numbers related to other repeat crimes rate related to burglary, murder, drug addiction related charges, etc? I would think they are much higher… I never know when I leave my home that a drug addiction may impact my life. Why are these crimes not on a registry?

    • March 1, 2014 at 10:37 pm

      Unfortunately, there are probably better statistics on other “categories” of offenses than sex crimes in general. Every time i see an article online about how someone with multiple DUI’s ends up killing someone while under the influence, i want to chime in and say.. “there is no registry for that…” and then i realize that i am not allowed to be on Facebook, which is what system is used/required to comment on said article. It’s a systematic way to keep people from speaking out against this. But at the same time i find it a blessing that i cannot comment, because doing so would only encourage creating registries for all crimes. Even while i am on the registry i feel they have been important for reasons of public safety, but instead lately have begun to feel they actually do damage to the general public in so many ways, obvious and no so obvious. I have since realized i am now fully against any registry. That’s not being biased, had nothing to do with my own name being on the registry. It was how it was being used was and still continues to be a huge problem.

    • Mark
      March 3, 2014 at 9:08 pm

      According to the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) of the U.S. Government, burglary has the highest return to crime rate of all crimes at around 70%

  4. March 2, 2014 at 6:51 am

    Whether or not other offenses are or are not registerable, the fact is……Registries are unconstitutional and should be stopped for ANY offense. When fighting for the rights of those convicted of sexual offenses, we also must remember that there are even higher multitudes of children who have parents convicted of other offenses also. Registries need to be stopped. (PERIOD)
    If we don’t stop registries now, it’s just a matter of time before every citizen is on some kind of public shaming list, including our children. If you haven’t noticed, bullying is becoming the next “hysteria” caused by media and lawmakers. Our children and younger adults are the targets for this next step of “crime wave”.
    Whether our children have loved ones on the registry or they themselves are on one…’s affecting more and more children each and every day.

  5. Donna
    March 2, 2014 at 7:53 am

    I’m with Jason, where I live not to long ago a couple was murdered in their own home. Come to find out the person who did it had murdered before. There are many crimes that are repeated, and a lot if them hurt people. The couple I was just talking about were found by their children. Drunk drivers affect so many. Yet this group is singled out. Then there’s the fact that some percent of this group is not a danger and never was to anyone. They may have been sexting, it may have been consensual, they may have sent the love of their life a picture. People need to realize if one group can be singled out for what ever reason, and made to suffer this way how long till it’s you. How long till something you’ve done, offends someone to the point of starting a new list.

  6. Edther
    March 2, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    The sex-offender registry has become the new Witch Hunt of our century. It is the greatest injustice and does nothing except harm innocent families and children. It must be either abolished or reformed. This article should be read by every lawmaker in the country.

  7. jaerae6672
    March 15, 2014 at 9:43 am

    Open letter which I am using – in part

    Depraved Indifference of lawmakers:
    Lawmakers should be ashamed of themselves for not only making poorly written laws [mandatory minimum sentences, taxation, and child pornography] but also allowing law enforcement and prosecutors to ignore federal laws the public thinks are not fair. [Marijuana or illegal alien laws, to name a few]
    We have become a country with so many laws it becomes impossible for the average citizen on one hand to understand which, if any, laws they may be breaking and on the other hand see law enforcement turn a blind eye to inconvenient laws. Additionally, the laws themselves are so poorly written, the average rational citizen could not discern any particular action might be ‘breaking the law’ in the first place without a life time of study in a law library and constant monitoring of the federal register. Differences between the state laws means someone arrested on one side of a state border would be innocent of breaking the law within one mile distance. Our courts are filled with non-violent citizens who become victims of the judicial system, prosecutors of the law paid by tax dollars and the high price of a legal defense. Meanwhile, it would seem that states cannot build prisons fast enough to keep with the people being convicted of “crimes”.

    Concerning Possession of child pornography laws.

    No image, in itself, can possibly be inherently evil; rather the intent of a person who took the picture, purchased the picture or sold the picture. To imply the intent of evil to someone who merely possesses child pornography images and further to enact laws based on the presumption of evil is blatantly wrong. It would be equivalent to the biblical Jesus who said “You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY’; but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart [Matthew 5:27-28]. This statement magnifies the problem of sin, but no one in history has ever been stoned to death for intent to commit adultery. To enact such a law is to judge intent without corroborative evidence. If one possesses a digital image of macabre murders of children, is he charged with intent to commit murder? Is he charged with being an accessory to a crime? No. Not under current laws anyway. The same argument may be made of images of concentration camps, starving children, war ruins or those of modern terror attacks.
    What makes current “possession of child pornography” laws cruel and unusual punishmentare these:
    A. The law is written is such a way that simple possession make it almost impossible to be defended against because a] the law is poorly written and b] the mandatory minimum sentencing requirements are based on ‘each’ for the pedophile, the creator of the image, the posting, sale or purchase of an illegal image making simple possession easier to prosecute due to the vast quantity of images the might be obtained in merely minutes from the internet. This basically allows “simple possession” a longer sentence that any other category [and easier to document given the vast resources allocated to current “crimes against children” agencies]
    B. Those sentenced after conviction of simple possession are placed in prisons along with the child molesters and similar predators, with which they have no common tendencies as documented by scoring low/no risk on both the STATIC-99 test and The Sexual Violence Risk Test. Both of these can document the inmate “does not pose any physical danger to children,” and is “highly unlikely to repeat the offense, or engage in similar activities.
    C. There are no appropriate one-to-one counseling programs offered in prisons in areas of Obsessive Compulsive or anxiety disorders [as is typically the recommended treatment for simple possession cases]
    D. The final cruel and unusual treatment is the “sex offender registry” following exceedingly long sentences of confinement. These people have not/would not/will not physically sexually offend anyone, yet they are subjected to laws that exclude them from employment, housing, gun ownership, voting, public schools, public parks and often even churches. This is in effect a life sentence for otherwise hardworking, family loving, god-fearing, law abiding, tax paying citizens along with their wives, children and extended families.

    Compare our current laws to those of the Pharisaic Laws outlined in “Fan the Flame: Living Out Your First Love for Christ” by Joseph M. Stowell, Moody, 1986, p. 52….just do a “google” lookup.

  8. Scott
    January 12, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    This is all a mix between stigma and our prideful selves. Now oppression has taken its presence of certain classes and individuals.

  9. nowherebound
    January 17, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    There is no america for me, there isn’t reason for pride, pride i n what? Homelessness poverty, all on this registry are the scarlet letters the pariahs of society all are grouped together no matter how minor or how long ago, even if your so lucky as to not be in a lifetime registration state like California your penalty will continue till the day you die.employers cannot hire you (most) . any job you do happen to get will be bottom of the barrell dangerous and dirty so bad you will be working with illegal aliens. If your lucky enough not to be married and have children don’t. It’ll just tear you apart that much more. Be prepared for total abandonment of even your family even if they sat through trial with no evidence presented. Yes an accusation is all they need. The judge will instruct the jury that circumstantial “evidence” is just as good as actual evidence.Really??? What a kangaroo court. Won’t matter if they find you guilty you’d be better off in Stalingrad s Russia. And everybody will believe them even your own mother.

    • Scott
      February 13, 2016 at 2:53 am

      I can relate to the part where family denies you. I say if they want to let you go that fast in part of your poor decisions, they may want to look at themselves as well as what poor decisions they may have made throughout their lives. People who say they love you sometimes have a love about as far as the length of their noses. It is true that man will deny you even your family. Sometimes it,s better to let them have their way. One day they will need you only to find they were strangers. It was their loss in the end.

      However I do pray for you that every day gets easier and that families will start to stick with each other more and more through thick and thin. Seems this day and age families are in great seperation for a lot less.

  10. Kayt
    January 17, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    To nowherebound:

    There are many who believe i the accused and convicted. I have read many of their posts and blogs in this forum and others and when Sam was in prison I talked with some of them. Some even know that the accused are seriously guilty and still stand by them. So, the point is to never give up.

    True, the legal system is evil and America is not the country that it once was. But there are people who do care for RSO’s and many RSO’s do manage to rebuild their lives and find love. The one thing that you must start believing in is that what you believe to be true will affect your life. If you think in terms of negativity it can destroy you but conversely speaking, if you can think in positive ways it can help you to build your dreams.

    I’m not saying that life will ever be perfect but if we let those who hate us destroy us then they have won! Don’t let them win!

    I am a Sosen member because I don’t want let the haters win.

  11. Scott
    January 29, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    You think that is Bad??
    Has anyone checked out the duplessis orphans in Canada and others abroad?? Check the article out on investigative journal. You will be horrified to know what they went through. Check out the video within the article when you have an hour or so.

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