Destroyed families, Destroyed lives, All because of a lie

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Throughout the world there are myths based on misinformation, wishful thinking or outright lies. When lies have been exposed and the myths put to rest some people continue to believe the myths even after the truth has been exposed. Most of us would consider the people who continue to believe the myth as ignorant, foolish, or having ulterior motives. If they  continue to choose to believe in the mythos because of their fear, hatred, bigotry, or loss of financial gain or a desire for unjustified revenge, and as a result of that individual lives continue to be destroyed as well as families torn apart and children subjected to a harassment, threats and violence, then those people’s actions should be considered criminal. It is time to call out the people that ignore facts or try to Perpetuate the fantasy myth based on false information in order to further their own personal or financial interests simply because in reality they are bullies, vigilantes, sociopaths, and outright liars, this group includes everyone from the misinformed citizen  to many so-called professionals, as well as various victims advocates, and yellow journalistic news media. Not to mention all the way up through our elected officials who are no longer interested in they’re oath to protect constitutional values as much as they are in winning public approval.

If a set of laws are based on one premise, and and all the supporting requirements of the law are also based on that premise and it is later proven to be incorrect and unsubstantiated , doesn’t it make sense to overturn that law and give relief to the people that have suffered because of the lie. To not do so creates more American shame, because of our treatment of our own citizens.

How long does it take to overturn those bad laws and to make amends. You should note that it has never been done by the legislative bodies. It always involves a court fight. More to the shame of our elected officials who have been shown the truth, by many advocates groups across this country, but are unwilling to admit their mistakes.

After the Civil War there were laws passed denying people the ability to work in their professions, because they might have supported the Confederate cause.  Cummings v. Missouri, 4 Wall. (71 U.S.) 277, 323 (1867); Klinger v. Missouri, 13 Wall. (80 U.S.) 257 (1872); Pierce v. Carskadon, 16 Wall. (83 U.S.) 234, 239 (1873).  Those laws were overturned on the grounds that they were bills of attainder/lesser pains and penalties, but it took years for it to get through the courts. Before those persons affected saw any relief.

In the case of the Jim Crow laws. It took over 50 years for them to all be overturn. Even in the case of the Japanese American internment camp’s during World War II . It took over 40 years before the government admitted that they had withheld important evidence and provided evidence that was false and incorrect about the dangerousness of the Japanese-Americans . That misinformation was used to rip those families from their homes, businesses and friends, transporting them across the country to be illegally confined.

So what is the lie that I’m referring to, a lie so insidious that because of it. Laws have been past violating constitutional standards of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And because of these laws over 800,000 people have been denied access to public lands and buildings , denied employment, denied housing, denied access to churches of their faith, been forced to live separately from their families, they have restricted travel within cities, states, across state boundaries and outside of the United States. laws that have affected over 3 million American citizens because of the base law as well as many others that could not exist with out the original law . These 3 million people plus have been curtailed of their rights that normal Americans take for granted as part of their rights guaranteed to them because they live in the United States.

And what is the proof that this is in fact a lie . Well the proof is there in literally hundreds of independent studies (1*) done by individuals, organizations, as well as state and federal goverments that prove that justification for the laws is in fact a lie. Not surprisingly in many of the studies the researchers did their best to try and conceal the fact of the lie to justify the existence of the laws. Why would they do that? It’s simple, all-state and government studies, have an agenda to keep the myth alive. Many of the other studies were done by people who have financial issues involved in keeping the myth alive. They used all types of misinformation techniques to do that. But when the data is correlated and the numbers looked at the truth is there for all to see. You just have to dig through all the suppositions and unproven theory’s and look at the numbers to find the truth. And yet no one wants to see these truths except the people affected, their family members and  children plus a few good American patriots who believe in protecting constitutional values.

When these laws were passed our government Justify them with numbers as high as 60 to 80% which would in fact, possibly justify some of the laws. But now the truth is known . The percentages are in the single digits. That is less than 10% (2*), and when the group that has been created by these laws are looked at as a whole, not subdivided into little groups . The number goes into the lower single-digit . In fact, in one recent study authorized and paid for by the state of Nebraska (3*). The number came out to be 6/10 of one percent in any given year. No one can call that number high!

When the laws that have been passed are based on the justification of the high numbers. And they come out, in fact, be not only low, but extremely low. Lower than any other group that does not have the same restrictions or requirements. You would think that there would be a public outcry to do away with these laws but because of politicians are continuing the myth for their political gain, as well as professionals who have a fiduciary interest in the myth continuing and victims advocates, whose only real purpose is revenge. as well as Sensationalism of the news media. All these people continue the myth. Even though the hard data shows that it is a lie. What is it going to take to bring sanity back to our country and overturned laws based on lies and myths? That are in fact a springboard to passing other laws taking away constitutional rights of the American citizens. At this time it looks like the only way to do this is to do it through the courts.

Finally what is this lie that is so corrupting and insidious that it has destroyed lives, family’s and children. And the fear of being added to the list created by this law has caused both adults and children to commit suicide. The laws based on this lie that have stolen the constitutional protected rights of not only individuals but whole families, well the answer is real simple. The lie is that people who are involved in sex crimes, have a high propensity to do it again. And even though at the time that these laws were passed there were studies showing lower reoffend rates of those in this group than any other criminal class, the laws were passed based on studies that since have been proven false and inaccurate (4*) and all the recent studies have shown no high propensity to reoffend.

Without this issue, (the high reoffend rate) to support the states justification of the existence of the laws the rest of their reasons fall way as nothing more than rules, regulations and laws based on fear that is now unjustified. So it is now time for every case, that is brought before a court to bring forth one important issue.

We will no longer be silent! THERE IS NO HIGH RE-OFFENSE RATE to justify the laws! This should be the Battle Cry in Courtrooms Across this Nation!





STATE Studies

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CA figure 11 01.9% California sex offender management Board 2012 in looking at this one I realize that this is another attempt to increase the visual concept of a higher reoffend rate than actually exists you will note in table 11 , that there are 8490 released sex offenders and that 5870 are returned to prison or 69.1% going onto figure 11. The pie chart does not represent the 8490 but rather represents the 5870 . When you take this into account and do the math. 1.9% of 5870 comes out to 111 and 111 people involved in the new sex crime, out of 8490 comes out to an actual reoffend rate of 1.3% . This is just another way that the government is using razzle-dazzle techniques. In doing their statistical analysis.!8943&cid=a754c96e86e37f71&app=WordPdf

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MI 8/10 of 1%  three-year study has come out of Michigan looking at the number of people on parole that were returned to prison for new crimes they found that of the sex offenders who were released from prison and found that they were involved in the new sexually related crime at 8/10 of 1%, or in other words, that 99.2% DID NOT Reoffend in the new sex crime. And that they had the lowest reoffend rate of all the criminal classes released.  the full report is here

MN 5.7 % over 12 years Table 2 page 21 Sex Offender Recidivism in Minnesota April 2007!8610&cid=a754c96e86e37f71&app=WordPdf

NY 04% profile and follow-up of sex offenders released in 1986 this one is another attempt to hide the facts . I finally found this information on page 19. They state that there were 556 offenders released below that on page 19. They show a table 14 the number of people related to each of those crimes that were returned to prison. If you look at the numbers for a new sex crime. You will see that they are 5,6,5 and 7 totaling 23 , when you do the percentages 23/556 UN that with the re-offense rate of 4% . If you look at the other graphs that they have provided they have shockingly high numbers . The problem is that they are only looking at the people that are returned to prison and ignoring the people that stayed out of prison. So their numbers are skewed because they did not include people not reoffending in their statistical data.!8607&cid=a754c96e86e37f71&app=WordPdf

OH report to the Ohio criminal sentencing commission, January 2006 sex offenders Sex offenders in Ohio have a lower recidivism rate than the recidivism rate of all offenders (38.8 percent). A 10-year follow-up of a 1989 cohort of sex offenders released from Ohio prisons found that only 8 percent of sex offenders were recommitted for a new sex offense!8604&cid=a754c96e86e37f71&app=WordPdf

OH Ten-Year Recidivism Follow-Up Of 1989 Sex Offender Releases EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Recommitment for a New Crime Sex Offense 8.0 % after 10 yeaars!8603&cid=a754c96e86e37f71&app=WordPdf

WA03 07% Re-offended Department of Corrections Public Safety Update What is the re-offense behavior for sex offenders under supervision in the community? •Of the 264 offenders who committed a re-offense:•83% or 218 were unemployed •73% or 192 DID NOT have stable housing

WY again I have to dig through the research to find the numbers . The end result is that between 2000 and 2005 , 545 sex offenders were released and of that 24 reoffended it in a new sex crime . That makes the reoffend charade of 04.4%

6 comments for “Destroyed families, Destroyed lives, All because of a lie

  1. July 11, 2015 at 7:18 pm

    Very nice job Will. It is already posted on both WAR Facebook pages, LinkedIn and Google+


  2. Scott
    July 12, 2015 at 7:25 am

    When i was questioned for my charges, I was question without a lawyer and i was pressured to the point of admitting to charges that didn’t even happen. I was never in trouble before until my sex offender charges. I had no idea of my rights as far as a lawyer needing to be present upon questioning. When i was in treatment programs i pretty much had to lie in my clarification letter to match the with what i was charged with.

    With all the public notification and strict guidelines i often feel very degraded as a person. I find it very hard to come to the law enforcement with any issue such as threats against my life and threats of bodily harm. The stigma is just not from the regular everyday citizens, it is also from the law enforcement officers in many communities. It’s sad to say but i have lost all ambition to even report of any suspicious person or any crime being done because of the hostility and fear of “would they even believe me”?? I would like to regain my good character but that seems to be null and void when the community and the laws don’t allow for a person to do so. Jobs and places to live are hard to come by.

  3. Anthony Jones
    July 12, 2015 at 8:17 am

    I have made”Evil Law” a 2 hr documentary film exposing that America has opened a Pandora Box by the creation of the sex offender registry/aka/S.O.R- I EXPOSE the true creep function secret agenda of the S.O.R as a template for eventually placing all Americans on some type of Gov’t Registry for sociably-politically incorrect behavior as determined by the powers that be as to what constitutes an acceptable American lifestyle – at the current rate of Americans being inducted into GOV’T REGISTRIES by the 2035 1/3rd of Americans will be on some type of Govt Registries -by 2050 non-Americans on Govt Registries will be a minority!

    #1 S.O.R>>> Arsonist registry>>>Drug dealer registry>>>Kidnappers registry>>>NY.Terrorist registry>>> Tenn.Animal Cruelty registry>>> UTAH Financial Fraud registry-Ohio DUI registry-in NY A gun owners registry was up-taken down-a Muslim registry was up-taken down.

    The expansion of GOV’T Registries has begun-theses NEW-more coming GOV’T Registries will all use the same template of the S.O.R, they start out with a dangerous person- then they add addendums to include other offenses that can qualify a person to be cast into the GOV’T Registry, case in point S.O.R starts out with dangerous predatory child molesters-then morphs into three tiers that now include public urination/mooning/streaking/skinny dipping/horseplay- grab ass/sexting/teen sex-with a 4’th tier in the works

    Arsonist register: taking a battery out of a smoke detector/Kidnappers registry: child custody disputes/Drug dealers: possession of pot- pharmaceutical drugs.-eventually The UTAH Financial Fraud Registry will morph into writers of bad checks- bad credit using the S.O.R template-NY.Terrorist Registry this is wide open to abuse!

    Sadly this documentary film can now be verified as a banned-censored by the media see the site- what is really sad is the info in the documentary could take the registry down, but most of the RSOL Org’s look at me as some kind of kook-continue to beat the drum of the cruelty-unconstitutionality of the S.O.R which continues to get a deaf ear from the American public, The American public will only take the S.O.R down if they become fearful of it- “Evil Law” delivered the goods.Anthony Jones

  4. Larry Anderson
    June 13, 2016 at 7:24 pm

    Very Powerful Will……I believe that NOW is always the time for a unified voice! Together We Win!

  5. mike
    June 14, 2016 at 2:10 pm

    already posted this to CARSOL beautiful compilation of data Will if you have a compilation of data on the ineffectiveness of the registry please post so as I can include this into my motion I’m preparing. Thank you for all your efforts to compile useful information that can and should be shared with anyone that will listen….

  6. The Friend
    June 18, 2016 at 8:48 am

    Let’s not forget either the impact on our friends and family. For example, thngs became so difficult for my children in their community that it affected their lives maybe more than mine. Two of my sons have had legal troubles, turned to drugs and alcohol, one lives on the streets at seventeen. My youngest son of three, has so much anger because he went from a four year old boy raised by hos Dad, a life full of fishing, t ball, camping trips etc., to a life of severe poverty, ridiculed because of his relation to me. I fear terribly he will hurt himself or someone else, he has already exhibited violence. Their mother is an addict and actually is the one who intorduced them to drugs. On the other side, my two daughters had to move away with their mother to escape the scathing from classmates, teachers and the community. It has forced their mother to relocate without work or shelter so that the girls could not suffer the public humiliation in their every day lives. When I was arrested my wife at that time was pregnant, she spent and sold everything to be there for me. Quickly found she couldn’t support herself and she ended up homeless and we adopted our baby because we knew we couldn’t care for her and they would never allow us to keep her. CPS was already looking into removing her from my wife as she would endanger the child through her relatioship with me. That was the hardest thing I have ever done. My family is broken, severed. Some don’t speak to others because of me. No reunions, no holiday meals. I wouldn’t be able to attend anyways, but they no longer gather as a family. What can I do? Nothing. I am not allowed to contact any of them. If they are a minor or have a minor in their household, it is a parole violation. So I only hear from the handful of friends and family I have left that I can contact. It weighs heavier on my heart than my own suffering.

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