LifeLock protecting personal information or disseminating it.

I received the information below from one of the members of SOSEN. It’s hard to believe that a company that is dedicated to protecting personal information would so disregard the safety of a disfavored group as to put their family members into a danger of collateral damage. I believe that word-of-mouth is a good way to advertise good or bad for a company. Perhaps LifeLock hasn’t realized that there are 850,000+ people on the registry and that over 3 million family members are also affected, not to mention friends and employers. I would suggest that anyone, whether they are on the registry or they have a friend or family member that is on the registry stop doing business with this company, but that’s just my personal opinion.

“You won’t believe this. My family has recently suffered an identity theft situation. As a result my parents signed up for Life Lock. After an hour of providing personal information they completed their enrollment. Within an hour they received a notice: Safety Alert. Dear customer we want to inform you of sex offenders residing in your area, and that a sex offender has used your address for their registered address with local law enforcement. That of course is me. They were so angry they called and screamed at the representative on the phone and it took forty minutes to cancel. Here is the big question…. What the hell does a sex offense have to do with identity theft?!!!! One more company utilizing the registry to instill fear and place our lives in danger by vigilante justice warriors! This is unbelievable. It isn’t enough to be on a web based registry now companies are going to exploit us for their personal gain. They even give a way to track the gps of sex offenders in your neighborhood! My friends we have got to start taking bigger actions, seeking any avenue for funding, and take the registry down before our time has run out. This is only the beginning.”

You can be sure that LifeLock didn’t put any information out according to whether there are burglars, drug dealers, drunk drivers, con artists or any of the other highly dangerous criminal groups, no they only chose to pass out information about the group that has a re-offense rate of less than 1% and is the least dangerous group to re-offend of all criminal classes.

Note if this article comes to the attention of LifeLock I suggest that they take a look at the other articles on this site (SOSEN.ORG), maybe between the loss of income and the true facts about people on the registry as well as the collateral damage to family membersĀ  they will choose to change their stance, but then again maybe they are run by a bunch of bigots who don’t care about facts, only time will tell.

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