Get off the registry legal paperwork.

The primary reason for putting this on our front page is to notify people that these very well may be scams. The second part is because the particular organization mentioned in the article is using part of SOSEN’s name and we want to be sure that people understand we are not affiliated in any way with that website.

I recently received an e-mail about something that is affecting the not only registered citizens in Michigan but across the country. Interestingly, that very day I received a notification from Mary Sue from Texas Voices about a similar situation where people are receiving mail offering the same services in Texas. We cannot say for sure if these are scams or from ambulance chasing attorneys, this is because some of them are supposedly coming from attorneys. One of our members looked into the letter that they got that wanted payment for the legal paperwork and found the same paperwork online for free, so go figure.

From our perspective here at SOSEN caution should be used in dealing with these types of organizations, first and foremost. Do your research and find out if you can get the paperwork online for free, if they are attorneys make sure that they are reputable attorneys.

Another thing that you can do if it is a website you can find out who owns the website by going to and typing in the website name for example, this will tell you when the website was created and who owns it. You can then do a Google search on the person’s name who owns the website to find out if they are reputable or not.

I will share with you part of the e-mail that I received from a person in Michigan involved in the Doe v Snyder litigation and I think that brings the point home.

Are you affiliated in any way with SEXOFFENDERSOLUTIONS.COM. If so,Shame on you!! Nobody must or should feel compelled to pay $21.95 for “legal documents” to get their names removed from the Michigan SORA registry!

When the appeal process concerning the 08/25/2016 Sixth Circuit US Court of Appeals decision is ended, the Michigan State Police will advise all sex offenders who were convicted prior to the 2006 and 2011 amendments to Michigan’s SORA act that they do not have to register anymore nor observe 1000-foot restrictions for work and residence. Nobody has to pay ONE PENNY to anyone to ensure their rights are protected.

This advertisement is nothing but a A SCAM to defraud people of their money over phony legal documents that have no weight or value in any court of law…in either Michigan’s state courts or in any Michigan Federal court! I am directly involved in the Doe v Snyder litigation, so nobody can put ANYTHING over on me!

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