When Government Fears the People, There is Liberty.

When the craftsman sets out to learn his trade, for example, woodworking, he spends a great deal of time learning about his craft. He must learn not only the tools to use, but also the proper types of wood to work with. He must be totally versed in all aspects of woodworking if he want to be considered a master of his trade. This is true of any field of endeavor, except for one, our Public officials. For some reason many of our politicians  feel that they will gain more popularity by pushing more laws through without any thought to the collateral damage that they do. They do this without any consideration to the constitutional requirements of the laws they propose.

Some Public Employees working in our government enforcing those laws feel that they are above them, and can choose to do their jobs the way they see fit based on their own personal bigotry. When these public employees choose to do this. they are in violation of the law and should be punished and made examples of. So other employees of the government understand that if they violate the constitutional rights of others based on their bigotry or self-righteousness that they will be punished to the maximum extent of law. People in government that put themselves above others, must been made to understand that they will be held to a higher accountability than ordinary citizens because of their position of authority.

The job of a politician is to uphold the Constitution’s of both the state they represent, and our federal government. They take an oath to do this, but how many of these politicians today realize that the primary reason for our Constitution is to protect INDIVIDUAL rights; not the majority’s rights, and not the government’s rights to exist. Our founding fathers recognized the possibility of the government’s growing in power to such a point that individual freedoms would be lost. That is why on the 4 March 1789.

They added the Bill of Rights to the Constitution guaranteeing individual freedoms to the people in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of the government’s powers. Today the people holding government offices rather elected or Employed have shown a total disregard for the  individual rights of others..

How many laws have been passed in the last 100 years that have been found by our court systems to violate the principles of our Federal and State Constitutions? For example the Jim Crow laws or laws passed in the McCarthy era, as well as laws requiring businesses to implement unneeded measures, increasing the cost of goods and driving some companies out of business. Consider the cost of implementing those unconstitutional laws, and the costs of defending them in court only to have them proven to be unconstitutional. Now add in the cost of removing the law and the mechanism that they created and you soon realize that these mistakes have cost us, the taxpayers, billions of dollars. Also consider the cost in taxpayers dollars and individuals pain because public employees have stepped outside the boundaries of the laws designed to protect individuals rights.

How well do public officials uphold their sworn oath to protect the state and federal constitutions that require them to protect citizens individual rights? When Public Officials are faced with special interest groups pressures or when public officials allow their own personal bigotry to affect their judgment’s when dealing with the public and by their actions they  are attempting to strip the rights from disfavored groups of American citizens. Now there are  public officials that do stand their ground, to protect disfavored groups and they are true American patriots! They realize even though they may be fired from their jobs or not reelected in coming elections because of their actions. Honor integrity and their oath before God to uphold the Constitution is more important than their own personal satisfaction and monetary or social gain.

“The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society.” Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

How many organizations, businesses and individuals have had to spend their time and resources fighting those unconstitutional laws or actions by public officials? If the Public officials would have just done their jobs upholding the Constitutional principles of this country, and if the politicians did their jobs of upholding the Constitution’s requirements for individual rights many laws would have never been proposed in the first place let alone passed.

Public officials need to learn their jobs, and politicians should not rely on special interest groups that lobby and feed them false or skewed information. They need to look at all sides of the issue and obtain accurate information before ever presenting a law for consideration. Most importantly the officials need to remember their primary job is to protect individual rights from the power of the majority, as well as the overwhelming power of government, politicians are placed there as custodians to protect constitutional standards, NOT to be there to fulfill their own self-interest or personal bigotry.

It is now time that WE THE PEOPLE start holding our Government representatives responsible for their overzealous actions in trying to put forth, knee-jerk legislation that Is not well thought out that might satisfy some people’s lust for revenge or personal agenda, but are in fact unconstitutional because they infringe upon individual rights of others that are guaranteed and protected by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. As well as public employees who use their government positions for self gratification and financial gain. Those public officials should be held to a higher accountability than ordinary citizens, instead of the way it is now where they have less accountability. there should be no qualified immunity for any public employee.

If a person is in the military and violates the military code of conduct, they can be given a dishonorable discharge, losing all of their benefits, pensions and denying them positions in many government agencies. Corporate managers have been held responsible and imprisoned for allowing dangerous products to reach the marketplace. Why shouldn’t politicians and other public officials be held to that same accountability that they have placed on others in the rules, laws and regulations that they have passed and enforce.

We firmly believe that our Governments Representatives should be held accountable for proposing unconstitutional laws, if any bill is later found to be unconstitutional both the sponsor and cosponsors of should be punished. They should be immediately barred from any type of public service from serving in the Congress to working as a clerk in some DMV office somewhere. We also believe that because of the cost of fighting these unconstitutional laws, these said lawmakers should lose their pensions and any other benefits that they might have received, for being in office. The same should also be true for any public employee who steps outside the lines of their Authority, they should be banned from any further public employment. any financial gains that a public employee thought was their due , such as retirement funds and pensions that were paid for by the state. The public employee would not naturally not lose money that they put in, but they would lose the amount that the state put in.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty”. Thomas Jefferson

To some these penalties might seem harsh, but these people chose to become politicians or public employees and in doing so took an oath before God to uphold the Constitution and protect our individual rights. If they are unwilling to do this, then they should face the consequences of their actions, as they have pass laws expecting others to do. If not, they should not have run for a political office or applied for government positions. Their jobs are to represent the rights of each individual person of this country. not satisfy their own self interest.

We believe when a person chooses to work for the government that they should be held to a higher accountability. That ordinary citizens and that accountability should include the highest possible penalties when those public employees disregard others individual rights.

Holding people accountable for their actions has long been viewed as the best way to have a stabilized society, to create the best products and services and to create a moral conscience, why should our Public Officials be exempt from that accountability.
If this idea appeals to you share it with other people.

when you feel that a government employee has overstepped their bounds. You can fill out and hand them a Denial of Rights Under Color of Law form.

maybe it’s time in states like California, where the public can put forth a ballot measure to be voted on by simply creating a petition and getting enough names on it. is it time to start a petition to hold public employees accountable for their actions. what do you think.

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  1. mike r
    February 3, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    every legislator should have this denial of rights form served upon them by as many people as we could possibly get to do this…then they are criminally and monetarily liable for any damages caused by these laws…

  2. mike r
    February 9, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    Please anyone and everyone email or post the following to all relevant parties whenever possible…Thank you….

    To whom it may concern…

    I am one of those monsters most people claim we all are for talking to an underage girl over the Internet with whom I never had any physical contact with almost 15 years ago and guess what I haven’t re-offended or even considered re-offending and I’m in Sacramento California where we have no residency restrictions or presence restrictions or Internet restrictions.

    The fact is none of these failed policies have achieved any positive results and have absolutely nothing to do with why I haven’t re-offended. If I wanted to re-offend I would care less about any of these laws and not one of them would prevent me from doing so…That’s a fact …These laws only affect those individuals who want to be law bidding citizens and have no effect on the monsters you claim all of us are who are considering to commit another sex offense…Zero effect…

    I did my time, finished extensive parole without any incidents, payed off my $15000 child support, and am in my sixth semester of college. I am a father and grandfather, an uncle and brother, engaged to be married, and all these people love me from the bottom of their hearts…Does this sound like a monster that needs to be ostracized for life or shot or locked up forever like a lot of people suggest? If anyone says yes then you have absolutely no interest in facts and have absolutely no humanity left in your cold dead hearts…

    I do agree with you that those who attack and rape children or adults should be locked up and subjected to intensive treatment before ever having a chance to be released,( which they are already and the worst of the worst usually never get out in most cases), and if they re-offend lock them up and throw away the key…But do you really want our limited law enforcement resources wasted on a guy like me or would you rather have that money put into monitoring the high risk offenders and into programs that actually help prevent sexual abuse before it happens?

    I really wish the media and any other organization would stop publishing, producing or relying on reports and opinions from law makers or any organizations about how effective sex offender registration and notification laws are. They are using false statistics and pure myths. None of these failed policies have achieved any positive results in the US and are in fact destroying the lives of thousands of innocent children and their families because one of their parents or family members are on such a registry. There has not been a single incidence in which a person was apprehended or prevented from committing a crime anywhere or anytime in this country because of any of these laws. Individuals and organizations should have enough integrity to investigate their claims before they publish them or rely on those claims and be sure that there is some credibility to them

    These laws are absolutely useless, are a waste of tax payer dollars and are a misplaced use of valuable law enforcement and governmental agency resources..

    Here are some facts from the leading authorities on this subject which indicate that there is no need or justification for these laws.

    California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB) End of Year Report 2014. (page 13)

    Under the current system many local registering agencies are challenged just keeping up with registration paperwork. It takes an hour or more to process each registrant, the majority of whom are low risk offenders. As a result law enforcement cannot monitor higher risk offenders more intensively in the community due to the sheer numbers on the registry. Some of the consequences of lengthy and unnecessary registration requirements actually destabilize the life’s of registrants and those -such as families- whose lives are often substantially impacted. Such consequences are thought to raise levels of known risk factors while providing no discernible benefit in terms of community safety.

    The full report is available online at. http://www.casomb.org/index.cfm?pid=231

    National Institute of Justice (NIJ) US Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs United States of America.

    The overall conclusion is that Megan’s law has had no demonstrated effect on sexual offenses in New Jersey, calling into question the justification for start-up and operational costs. Megan’s Law has had no effect on time to first rearrest for known sex offenders and has not reduced sexual reoffending. Neither has it had an impact on the type of sexual reoffense or first-time sexual offense. The study also found that the law had not reduced the number of victims of sexual offenses.

    The full report is available online at. https://www.ncjrs.gov/app/publications/abstract.aspx? ID=247350

    The University of Chicago Press for The Booth School of Business of the University of Chicago and The University of Chicago Law School Article DOI: 10.1086/658483

    Conclusion. The data in these three data sets do not strongly support the effectiveness of sex offender registries. The national panel data do not show a significant decrease in the rate of rape or the arrest rate for sexual abuse after implementation of a registry via the Internet. The BJS data that tracked individual sex offenders after their release in 1994 did not show that registration had a significantly negative effect on recidivism. And the D.C. crime data do not show that knowing the location of sex offenders by census block can help protect the locations of sexual abuse. This pattern of noneffectiveness across the data sets does not support the conclusion that sex offender registries are successful in meeting their objectives of increasing public safety and lowering recidivism rates.

    The full report is available online at. http://www.jstor.org/stable/full/10.1086/658483

    These are not isolated conclusions but are the same outcomes in the majority of conclusions and reports on this subject from multiple government agencies and throughout the academic community.

    People, including the media and other organizations should not rely on and reiterate the statements and opinions of the legislators or other people as to the need for these laws because of the high recidivism rates and the high risk offenders pose to the public which simply is not true and is pure hyperbole and fiction. They should rely on facts and data collected and submitted in reports from the leading authorities and credible experts in the fields such as the following.

    California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB)

    Sex offender recidivism rate for a new sex offense is 0.8% (page 30)

    The full report is available online at


    California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB) (page 38)

    Sex offender recidivism rate for a new sex offense is 1.8%

    The full report is available online at. http://www.google.com/url?sa= t&source=web&cd=1&ved= 0CCEQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F% 2Fwww.cdcr.ca.gov%2FAdult_ Research_Branch%2FResearch_ documents%2FOutcome_ evaluation_Report_2013.pdf&ei= C9dSVePNF8HfoATX-IBo&usg=AFQjCNE9I6ueHz-o2mZUnuxLPTyiRdjDsQ


    Within 3 years following their 1994 state prison release, 5.3 percent of sex offenders (men who had committed rape or sexual assault) were rearrested for another sex crime, the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) announced today.

    The full report is available online at. http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/press/rsorp94pr.cfm

    Document title; A Model of Static and Dynamic Sex Offender Risk Assessment Author: Robert J. McGrath, Michael P. Lasher, Georgia F. Cumming Document No.: 236217 Date Received: October 2011 Award Number: 2008-DD-BX-0013

    Findings: Study of 759 adult male offenders under community supervision Re-arrest rate: 4.6% after 3-year follow-up The sexual re-offense rates for the 746 released in 2005 are much lower than what many in the public have been led to expect or believe. These low re-offense rates appear to contradict a conventional wisdom that sex offenders have very high sexual re-offense rates.

    The full report is available online at. https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/grants/236217.pdf

    Document Title: SEX OFFENDER SENTENCING IN WASHINGTON STATE: RECIDIVISM RATES BY: Washington State Institute For Public Policy.

    A study of 4,091 sex offenders either released from prison or community supervision form 1994 to 1998 and examined for 5 years Findings: Sex Crime Recidivism Rate: 2.7%

    Link to Report: http://www.oncefallen.com/files/Washington_SO_Recid_2005.pdf

    Document Title: Indiana’s Recidivism Rates Decline for Third Consecutive Year BY: Indiana Department of Correction 2009.

    The recidivism rate for sex offenders returning on a new sex offense was 1.05%, one of the lowest in the nation. In a time when sex offenders continue to face additional post-release requirements that often result in their return to prison for violating technical rules such as registration and residency restrictions, the instances of sex offenders returning to prison due to the commitment of a new sex crime is extremely low. Findings: sex offenders returning on a new sex offense was 1.05%

    Link to Report: http://www.in.gov/idoc/files/RecidivismRelease.pdf

    Once again, These are not isolated conclusions but are the same outcomes in the majority of reports on this subject from multiple government agencies and throughout the academic community. No one can doubt that child sexual abuse is traumatic and devastating. The question is not whether the state has an interest in preventing such harm, but whether current laws are effective in doing so. Megan’s law is a failure and is destroying families and their children’s lives and is costing tax payers millions upon millions of dollars. The following is just one example of the estimated cost just to implement SORNA which many states refused to do.

    From Justice Policy Institute. Estimated cost to implement SORNA Here are some of the estimates made in 2009 expressed in 2014 current dollars: California, $66M; Florida, $34M; Illinois, $24M; New York, $35M; Pennsylvania, $22M; Texas, $44M. In 2014 dollars, Virginia’s estimate for implementation was $14M, and the annual operating cost after that would be $10M.

    For the US, the total is $547M. That’s over half a billion dollars – every year – for something that doesn’t work.


    Attempting to use under-reporting to justify the existence of the registry is another myth, or a lie. This is another form of misinformation to justify certain individuals or groups who feel they need harsher penalties or further punishment for people who have already paid for their crime by loss of their freedom through incarceration and are now attempting to reenter society as honest citizens.

    I think the media or other individuals or organizations need to do a in depth investigation into the false assumptions and false data that has been used to further these laws. They should also research all the collateral damages being caused by these laws and the unconstitutional injustices that are occurring across the country.

    You don’t have to take my word for it, just watch what the experts say….


    Thank you for your time.

    • Will Bassler
      February 10, 2017 at 1:10 pm

      I tend to agree with Mike on the number of these issues but I do disagree with his use of rearrest rates those are not actual acceptable statistics the only statistics that should be used are the reconviction rates in most of the studies that have been done over the years that information is in the study somewhere but you have to dig it out because they want people to look worse than they really are after all there is both an adversarial alliance involved as well as the fiduciary interest the prime example that I give is the same study that Mike pointed to the Department of Justice study of people released in 1994 that were attractive 1997 the rearrest rate was 5.3 but the actual reconviction rate was 3.5 it should all be so be pointed out that the majority of those reconviction were within the first year the second and third years of this study had a reconviction rate in each of those years of less than one half of 1% the reconviction rate is a primary issue that needs to be driven home to everyone. the other point about all these studies that is significant as they are looking at people either coming out of prison or out of treatment programs they do not consider the entire registry and these laws that are passed affect that entire body of people not specific crimes as are used in the studies. the only way to look at the re-offense rate for people on the registry is if you look at the entire registry as was done in Nebraska and Ohio where they came away in both cases with the re-offense rates of less than 1%. laws should not be made to punish 99% of the population because of what one percent of the people do. think of it this way we have a real problem with DUI DWI in this country do you think the entire population of the country would be willing to have breathalyzers put on their cars so that they could drive them just the way people who have had DWI DUI have to have on their vehicles.

  3. mike r
    February 10, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    point taking Will. I have revised that to also mention the fact that the subjects of most of these studies are either higher risk offenders such as habitual and violent offenders and does not represent the overwhelming majority of individuals on the registry…

  4. Tim Lawver
    February 21, 2017 at 8:41 am

    DATABASE, a comprehensive collection of related data organized for convenient access, generally in a computer.

    If you want to hold on to your power to rule “the people” and keep the cash coming it is the first most powerful tool at your disposal.

    It is no friend to liberty.

  5. Shannon Morrison
    March 11, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    I have recently been placed on a sex offender registry in Cherokee County S.C., a very corrupt county whos officials abuse their power constantly, not to mention their inmates. I just found there are people like SOSEN, Oncefallen, and others who are fighting against this violation of constitutional and human rights. I am eager to join the fight and as soon as I get a printer I can use hope to start distributing printouts of the literature I have found. I also have and plan to continue writing public officials and the supreme courts about the injustices of this law. It is very akin to slavery and I feel it is another example in a long line that shows no matter how much the U.S. government claims to be fair and equitable, or humane and reasonable it is a hate monger, just like so many other kkk, neonazi, gaybashing groups! According to my studies on the internet the U.S. is the only country with a publically accessible registry. Non-English countries don’t even have a registry! Like its refusal of the metric system these archaic laws prove once again our government will fight progress and common sense every step of the way. When your the only one on the band wagon perhaps you should consider why. Maybe the wagon is broke if you know what I mean! A single mistake should not haunt someone the rest of their life! The laws regarding child pornography I recently learned allow law officers to posses such material. So basically the government can have all the child porn it wants, but if I pee in the woods they’ll ruin my life! The U.S. government is basically saying “We can do what we want, but you have to obey us.” They should lead by example instead of fear and dictation. To make matters worse the states can seemingly just ignore whatever federal law they like. I am classified by SORNA law as a tier 1 offender supposed to have annual visits to the registrar and get off the list in 15 years. Thanks to crooked S.C. law enforcement SLED told me I am classified as tier 2 and must have biannual registrar visits for life (paying money every year of course) because they claim to exceed these laws and have no tier 1 registration! Why write the rules if you allow the players to break them and do whatever they like. Guess states rights are not gone after all. Clearly this is a corrupt bunch of hate mongering, overzealous officials abusing their power for money and political reasons. If anyone can help me expose them and assist me in joining the worthy battle against the sex offender registry please let me know. You can email me at ShannonMorrison877@yahoo.com. Thank you. Let us fight this useless and cruel law together.

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