The Psychology Behind Making Others the Villain

With all of sexual harassment charges floating around possibly it’s time for us to look at the psychological reason why this is such a touchy subject.

Okay, I don’t know if anybody else sees this, maybe my experiences are different than other people’s, but from my point of view the feminists have opened themselves up to having the pendulum swing the other direction, this could push our society back towards Victorian values of high neck collars and long dresses in the workplace coupled with modern high-tech body cameras on all employees.

First of all I have no problem with women coming forward and complaining about sexual misbehavior by men in power or even men in general, the male ranks need to stop considering any and all females as objects.

The same can be said for the females, is it okay for a woman in the workplace to flirt even though she has no intent of being in a relationship? It is now and has been as long as I can remember the habit of many women to use their feminine wiles to entice men to better their positions or to play with them because it’s fun for the women, at least that is my perspective from being on the receiving end of a bunch of this.

Over the years I have been a supervisor for a number of different companies as well as being a college teacher and a plant manager for a large manufacturing company. In every one of those settings I had female employees or students that answered to me. In most of those situations I had at least one female that acted in a provocative way to me everything from their dress, speech and other minor actions to taking every opportunity to rub their bodies against me. Understand I’m not a handsome man, I’m not even what I would consider good looking, plus I’m basically a shy person, these interactions made me feel extremely uncomfortable, even more so when other male employees would notice it and pointed out to me.

So, how many men in power out there, whether it is just a supervisor or an owner of a company that has had to put up with these advances put out by women, whether the women are doing it to be playful or to make other people uncomfortable or they are actually interested in some type of meaningful relationship or sexual encounter. It really doesn’t matter, these women’s speech and actions in this new world are in fact by the women’s own definition sexual-harassment.

It may be that some women that have been sexually abused have played this game of flirting and got burned for it. Does that make it right for the men to mistreat the females, absolutely not, but there is a certain amount of culpability for the women in some of the situations.

An attempt to rationalize, justify or minimize an individuals own shortcomings or actions towards others is part of the human character, we always want to make the other guy out to be the villain and worse than what our actions have been. the fact that women are coming forward with these complaints is a good thing. but if feminist movement wants equality, which is the way it should be, they will need to be willing to accept that there is a problem with their side of it also. when a person or group tries to find a scape goat without looking at the broad picture of their own actions it can be very telling of their own character. A good example of this is a recent comment:

“I volunteer for the local homeless shelter and while trying to find a bed for one guy (we’re full up), we went to the cafeteria where we both had lunch. Sitting at the table next to us were three guys talking about robbing stores, stealing purses, putting nails under the tires of police cars, beating people up, beating drug tests . . . . then a registrant walked in and they talked about what a monster he was and how they’d like to kill him for raping children. The registrant is 23 and had consensual sex with a 16 year old. I hardly consider him a monster nor a rapist but society has labeled him such and now supports him because no one will give him a job. Then we got on the elevator and a toothless woman who smelled like she hadn’t showered in a month was commenting about the sex offender, I mean, “child molester.”

I just found it sadly humorous that the worse people society has to offer get second chances and even they can pass judgment on someone who is probably a good person but made an error in judgment.

Why is it that arsonists, drug dealers, murderers, gang members, drunk drivers, wife beaters or burglars think that someone who downloads an image of a nude 17 year old is worse than them? One guy was arrested for being high on drugs and shot up a playground. He didn’t hit anyone but hates sex offenders because ???THEY HARM CHILDREN???. All those kids who ran screaming for cover from a hail of bullets . . . they’re not harmed?”

it’s always easier for a person or a segment of society to pass judgment on others making them the villains without ever looking at the harm or damage that they or their group has caused. My hope is that in the current climate that this outlook of looking at the whole picture is not overlooked.

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  1. Frank Anon
    December 20, 2017 at 8:58 am

    Thank you for this post… So happy to hear from someone with common sense.
    Looking at recent data from US Justice Dept. The odds of someone who is registered committing another sexual offence is less than 1%. That is one in 100. Can the same be said of someone who is not registered…. probably not.
    So that means a registrant is less likely to commit a sexual act on anyone than a non registrant…
    Just food for thought.

  2. December 20, 2017 at 9:12 am

    I totally agree with what you said- women have a responsibility to carry themselves with dignity but most women don’t. I’m a woman and I have worked most of my life. I have seen how women flirt to get what they want. Women should have equal rights but we are not equal to men by any means and that is a fact! We are not equal on many levels and if we consider ourselves smart, then enticing men should never take place in a workplace. I would say that most men would back off if women just said “no” but women have a way of wanting to be wanted and that’s where the lines get mixed up and men think it’s okay to keep it up. Feminists have gone too far to prove to themselves that men and women are equal. Some good has come out of the movement but now things are getting out of control.
    If women ran the world I predict men, in the future, will all be born registered. Later in life they should be able to prove they are worthy of getting off the registry.This is the world we are speeding up to. I don’t like it!

    • Frank Anon
      December 21, 2017 at 8:24 am

      Nice reply. I as a man actually believe both men and women are better than each other depending on what the task is. I know I am not great at many things my wife was always better at.
      I saw something a while back, where a comparison was made. We are physically different, one example that stood out was that our eyes are actually different, women can see more details, while men can see movement in a far distance that a woman can’t. There were others, smell for one. I believe if we could all embrace what each other is best at and work as a team we would have a better world. 🙂 I appreciate an intelligent woman such as yourself.

  3. Tim L
    December 22, 2017 at 4:58 am


    I have often wondered why the founders did not give women the vote. That right was endowed by the 19th via women’s suffrage movement circa 1920. So in reality it was granted by men. Personally, I think it was given not out of a sense of fairness nor notions of egalitarianism, rather it was granted to get the barn witches to shut the hell up and quit complaining. Surely some women of suffrage resorted to cutting the men off from sex to achieve the end.

    • Candice
      December 22, 2017 at 7:16 pm

      Tim, I don’t agree with how you think women got their right to vote. The founders did not give them the right to vote bacause back in the 1700s there was no one fighting for that right. There were no other countries who granted women the right to vote. It wasn’t until the late 1800s a group started in New Zealeand to grant women suffrage. The first bill was in 1887, but it wasn’t until 1893 that New Zealeand gave all women the right to vote. It was almost 30 years later that the U.S. granted women the right to vote after women, and men, battled for this right for 70 years. Including being jailed and force feed when they went on food strikes. The role women played during WWI also became a big part in women getting the right to vote. I wouldn’t call that ‘to get the barn witches to shut the hell up and quit complaining’.

      However, this artical has a lot of truth in it. Women now a days will stoop that low to cause a man to suffer ‘just because’. Women are still seen as ‘the weaker vessle’ by society as a whole and women know this. And not all but a lot of them use this to their advantage. I find it odd that most of the allegations we are hearing lately are from women who waited decades before comming out about it, IF it truely happened the way they say. Most of them most likely brought on most of it intentionally. I believe this happends on both sides and most of it is consensual. Women know that now they are protected if they accuse someone, unlike 50 years ago. Many may claim they didn’t come out because they didn’t want to be ‘shunned’, but that does not happen now and hasn’t for a long time. I find it odd that these women are claiming things happened right when the men’s careers are at peaks.

  4. Phil
    December 22, 2017 at 6:56 pm

    “the male ranks need to stop considering any and all females as objects”

    I hate to bust your bubble but women view men as “objects” also. We are objects of:

    Financial security

    Also, have you never heard of the Chipendales?
    Women are no better than men when it comes to lusting over others as “sex objects”.

    You’re welcome.

    • Phil
      December 22, 2017 at 7:06 pm

      My apologies for jumping the gun here and assuming that after you knocked the feminists, you then seemed to support them.

      After reading the part of the article which I quoted and responded to above, I stopped reading because I assumed the direction you were going in. My bad.
      I came back and read the full article. Excellent article. Tells it like it is but that is how you hurt the liberals’ feelings – with truth!

      Next time you hear someone refer to a “sex offender” as a child molesting monster (even though the alleged ‘victim’ may very well be a consenting post pubescent teenager) turn to that person who talking junk and ask them if they like Elvis Presley. Most people will say “yes”.
      Then inform them that Elvis was 24 and Priscilla (his eventual wife) was a mere 14 when they met and fell in love. Ask them how they feel about that. I’ve done it. And I’ve seen the people I said it to suddenly shut up and not have anything to say.

  5. D
    December 23, 2017 at 9:18 am

    Males are visual this is common knowledge. We are sexually attracted visually first this too is common knowledge. Things you see with your eyes are objects in space this too is common knowledge. Another name for the lenses on the end of microscopes is objective. It is an impossible quest to make males in our species not view woman or anything else they see as objects without eliminating their sex drive. It is simply a way of demonizing regular male behavior in hopes of making men into something else. If you did succeed in finally creating this perfect man that does not view you with desire in his thoughts you would be very unhappy at your sudden loss of power. I have been on this planet a long time and over the many decades I have watched as everything woman dislike becomes a new crime. I have watched good men destroyed for no good reason. Women have gotten what they want for so long and so many ways that there is only one step left and that is to change all men into what they want us to be weather you want this or not. I am lucky to be past the age of being controlled by the whims of women. I do not care anymore how women see me because I no longer want you. I see you as nothing more then narcissistic spoiled little princesses that are doomed to folly. I hope to be around long enough to see the pendulum swing the other way because I am one of the men that was wrongfully punished by your law machine bent on the destruction of men. You are no longer what I used to love you disgust me. This is what you will create.

  6. mike
    January 6, 2018 at 12:29 pm

    the proof is that everyone, male and female are perverts. The truth was told back before sex politics came into play. The legal age when Lincloln was president was 7 to 10 years old at one time. Case closed. We are apes pretending to be civilized, and use children as our shield

  7. GT
    January 7, 2018 at 9:38 am

    These are all great comments. I agree with so many. All this accusing and such is just splitting the sexes even more. I do think that there are some of these women who are just coming forward now because there is money to be made. I personally think that if they don’t come forward at the time it happens then they have not right to come forward any other time. Especially not 20 or 30 years later when there is absolutely no way of proving anything. It’s those laws that let them just say it and it makes it true with no proof or hard evidence that make it even more ridiculous. When you have someone that now knows they can profit big time then all of a sudden they will say whatever it takes. I to, have also been in charge and have had a lot of women playing there little game to try to be the favorite. I don’t see them be ridiculed as monsters or sexual abusers. What the hell is going on with our country? Now that the law makers are seeing what some of us have been dealing with for years just because someone said it with absolutely no proof. How is this innocent until PROVEN guilty? I was treated as guilty from day one when I was first interviewed by the detective in charge.

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