I have received a number of these alerts from different state organizations the last 6 to 8 months. They have come from all over the country and they are all similar in their operation. My one question is when a person contacts the law enforcement as was done in this case why is law enforcement not following through to apprehend these scammers. All they would have to do is tell the person to continue following directions and let them know where they are going so law enforcement could be there at the same time as the con men perpetrators after all they are pretending to be law enforcement that unto itself should make them mad.

There’s one more point that I would like to make,and that is that almost all state registries have penalties for misuse of the registry information in most cases these penalties are normally misdemeanors with small finds. I believe that any misuse of the registry to harass and threaten, vandalize or victimize registrants and or their family members should be treated the same way as a registrant failing to provide information to the registry and that is a felony conviction with multiple years in prison, this scam is just another in a long line of the registry being used by vigilantes rather it is the loss of jobs, housing or loss of life it’s time that we started pushing the legislators to enact severe punishments on vigilantes who use the registry to harm registrants and their families.

This latest scam alert came from women against the registry and I will post it in its entirety below.


The following is from one of our member families.

We had a scare yesterday. Someone called saying they were from (our) County Sheriff’s Department and that my loved one had moved without reporting it within three days. They wanted $2,000 dollars to cover his court fees then directed us to a specific street downtown which is where my loved one’s registration office is located. They indicated he would not be arrested, but would have to show up in court next Friday. They kept him on the phone and said he could not hang up while driving. He was very upset and drove to the bank. I went with him and tried to convince him it might be a scam. When we got to the bank I called the County Sheriff’s Department and they said it was NOT true. He then called his PO and was told it is a scam that is going on and he had heard it from others. Her loved one was finally convinced. He suffers from a TBI injury and PTSD from the military which made the panic worse. 

Please, if you get any such call wanting you to respond with money hang up and call your registry office or police department and report it immediately. Any such call that you receive via phone or by mail please recognize it for what it is…a scam. 

It could also be a valid reason to contact your ‘state’ senator and representative to make them aware of how registrants are specifically being targeted due to the registry.


WAR National Directors & Senior Advisor

Women Against Registry


P.O. Box 463  – Arnold, MO 63010

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