Who do you think you are?

At times many of us on the registry have a tendency to only see the dark side of our existence. It’s hard to pick your head up and look for the light when people are standing on your neck. But it can be done, Scott is one of our SOSEN members, he has had his share of hard breaks. But the way that he continues to pick himself up no matter how many people are trying to push him down into the mud makes me proud to call him my close friend and comrade in this fight. –Will Bassler.–


There’s a lot of people who tend to look at me sideways quite often. Perhaps it’s my innate ability to seemingly come across like I am better than someone else, or my demeanor of having a narcissistic attitude. Either way, most days I couldn’t be bothered with what others think of me. Although, it seems that the number of individuals who look at me in a way that’s seems they are asking “Who do you think you are?”, is constantly growing. Perhaps it’s time I set the record straight.

I posted a rather innocent photograph in a group SMS today, which was simply my motorcycle and a gourmet cup of coffee, I captioned the photograph, “Sometimes I can’t help but be pretentious”. The backlash that ensued was quite funny to say the least. It did, however, get me thinking that “If that’s how they view me so be it”.

Quite simply, I do view myself as better than most. I’ve got a negatively viewed criminal background, yes, but I’ve also beaten every odd that I have faced in my life. I have walked down my time on PNP, but it started many… many years before that. Shunned by a biological family, adopted and abused by them for countless years. Emancipated myself, got my GED and joined the army, where during my time overseas I faced odds that in my mind were comparable to King Leonidas and his three hundred Spartans, again I lived through it. Came home broken and picked myself up after several stumbles to find myself in tech school, where against the odds of not having a real prior education I graduated in the top three students in the school. Came home and shortly after hit the lowest low with my criminal history, everything was ending. Yet, I could not let myself stay down, when others would see me fail or give up themselves, I fought on and I survived. For a second time I went to college and now hang an associate in business on my wall right next to every victory I have gained along my way. After years of fighting battle after battle in my life and never having a family to belong to, I created my own last name, my own legacies. A name that will forever stand out and have true meaning to my life. Vargr, an ancient Nordic word for wolf. An animal that weathers any storm, climbs every hill and faces every darkness.

There are some who look at things like my tattoos, which a few I share with other women who have been in my life and make their own snide remarks about them. My body is a journal and all my scars and tattoos are but the story of my life along the way. Some look at me with my PTSD and a TBI, my worn back and knees, my failing hearing and other ailments I have in my life and see nothing more than someone who didn’t live a healthy life, they are right to some degree. Yet, I look in the mirror and see a warrior who despite the trials of life has stayed steadfast on a path to greatness.

I know where I’ve been in my life, the memories haunt my every moment in life, but I also know where I am going in my life, and that future is brighter than any dark past. To have the beautiful woman I have by my side is most days the greatness I had always wished to achieve, but there is always more. More to fight for and build, more victories and greatness to achieve not by myself now, but together as a family. They ask me “who do you think you are?”, I know who I am, who do you think YOU are?

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  1. John Doe
    September 4, 2019 at 1:30 pm

    Scott is the exception and NOT the rule. He’s non-representative of 99% suffocating on the registry. For every “success” story you conjure up, there is the untold suffering of countless others. So, I’m not really inspired or motivated from his story.

    • Scott Vargr
      September 5, 2019 at 3:17 pm

      John I completely understand your viewpoint, but I am not a success story by any means. I have fought persecution at every turn. My story is merely one of someone who has refused to give up or into anything. “You attract what you are, not what you want. So if you find yourself surrounded by shit, that’s on you”

  2. Lynnette
    September 4, 2019 at 7:32 pm

    I think that more people should answer who do they think they are. Thinking about who and what we are is very important.

    I was always one who was doing my best to fight back against the horrific things in life, I always thought that I was a fighter and I will keep on keeping on, doing the best that I can.

    I hope that others will answer your question too. I wish for you the best of everything in your journey.

    • Scott Vargr
      September 5, 2019 at 3:18 pm

      Lynnette, I admire your resilience and wish you the greatest fortunes on your journey through life.

      • Lynnette
        September 6, 2019 at 12:02 am

        Thank you Scott. You would be surprised if you knew me personally.

        I wish for beautiful rainbows you and for everybody reading these posts and for you all who are writing. You know – rainbows happen when the storm passes.

  3. Kayt
    September 5, 2019 at 12:56 pm

    I am inspired and motivated by Scotts story of success! Yes, there are those who have tried and failed, those who have not tried and those who cannot try, this is true. But, if a person makes a conscious decision to never try, he’s not doing to get anywhere at all.

    I get it, I understand what Scott is saying, he’s saying to try and after all, that’s all that life asks from us. Some people keep trying, and pick themselves up and try again. I am one of those people who keeps trying because I just simply refuse to be dumped into the garbage heap of life. It stinks there, and I don’t like the idea at all. And if you knew me, you would know that many people think I’m ready for that garbage dump in life, there are people who think I’m crazy and maybe I am at my age, but I do keep trying, I refuse to give up my dreams!

    Some years back, I knew a man who was fond of saying, “All things in life are exactly as they should be, Namaste.” Frankly, I didn’t like the man, but he did have a point.

    Why is all of life exactly the way it should be? I think it’s how we use our minds. I don’t like where I’m living, I don’t like my finances, and I don’t like my state of health. I don’t especially like a lot of things in my life, but guess what – my mind put me where I am because the decisions that I made in life put me in the here and now. My decisions, my gripes, but also my fault. So, I’m doing my best to make the most out of things that I possibly can.


  4. Tim in WI
    September 5, 2019 at 1:01 pm

    I’m one man facing an FTR in Rock County WI.
    I signed a waiver for attorney representations and the judge reluctantly approved it!
    I set a pretrial hearing for 20 days ( Sept 25). I’m basing it on sufficiency in the complaint and hope to put DOC SOR Agent behind the eightball. like other ex post Wetterling act cases the 1991 judgment on the ‘ qualifying’ as a ” re- capture case” limits notice to ” an indeterminate term not to exceed (60) sixty months consecutively ” Everything on that judgment, the i nformation. doesn’t support a life term..

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