ACTION ALERT! Flood the Colbert Co AL Commission with emails and phone calls!

(UPDATED 3/17/2020) ACTION ALERT! Colbert County Commission to mull Limits to Sex Offense Transitional Housing Reentry Programs

Some of you may have seen I got a letter to the editor published on March 15, 2020. See —

Perhaps some of you dismissed it as just me tooting my horn. This is far bigger than me — there’s a big issue brewing in an isolated part of Alabama where I lived years ago.

The Colbert County Commission will holding a public hearing to discussing/voting on a resolution for HB393, called REAGAN’S REENTRY PROGRAM FOR SEX OFFENDERS CHILD PROTECTION. Essentially, this bill (HB 393) will make it to where any halfway house for Registrants will have to get approval from the county commission, and, you can expect they will NEVER approve a home for registrants. Notice, this won’t apply to transitional housing for ANY other crime type. HB 393 would only affect Colbert County, as the state passes county level ordinances at the state level.

Still, there is a Facebook group “Problems with Faith Based Reentry Programs: Sexual Predators” (run by a man named Edward Bowman) that is organizing their pitchforks and torches. I’ve already received nasty remarks and a veiled threat from this group as well as a couple of vigilante groups who vowed to “put an end” to me. Some of these people are planning on attending the meeting as well; however, if any activist plans on attending this meeting in person, the Commission has notified me that members of law enforcement will be there to keep the peace.

NOTE! This meeting was initially scheduled for March 17th at 5pm. However, due to the coronavirus scare, the Colbert County Commission decided to shut down until at least April 6th. I was told by a member of the commission this item will be among the first on the agenda after the commission reopens for business. This gives us added time to address this ordinance.

Since it is too far to travel (and quite frankly I hated that place), the best I was able to do on short notice is the county commission an eMail already and asking you write the commission to tell them to reject this bad bill. Muscle Shoals/ Colbert County is a fairly isolated community; Christianity is a very big deal here so if you can appeal to their faith, you’ll likely go far with the Commission. Perhaps with enough buzz by those of us with the facts, the Commission may listen to reason.

I’ve done what little I can do to get the ball rolling. I need your help. We now have until AT LEAST April 6th (longer if the Coronavirus outbreak continues) to influence the County Commission.

Please call, fax, or email the commission. If you live close, consider going to this meeting.

Address: 201 N. Main Street, Tuscumbia, AL 35674

Telephone: (256) 386-8501

FAX: (256) 386-8510

Their emails, along with their senator, Larry Stutts.,,,,,,

Alabama’s legislative site is not very good, so here is a page with contact info for the AL House of Representatives:

HB 393 is currently in the House of Representatives. Again, this is would only impact Colbert County. But, it could lead to problems elsewhere in the state if it passes.

If anyone is willing to attend this meeting, the commission has assured me there will be members of local law enforcement to maintain the peace and safety in the event, and there are people in favor of transitional programs in the county.

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