On August 13, 2020, the US DoJ submitted a proposed rule change to Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA), the provision of the Adam Walsh Act (AWA) that covers the sex offense registry and community notification laws. As of 2020, 157 jurisdictions (18 states, 135 tribes and 4 territories) have substantially implemented SORNA’s requirements. This is our opportunity to flood the Federal Register with statements of opposition.

You can read the entire statement on this proposal (and find the link to make an online statement about the changes) at –

This is a rare opportunity to place our concerns over this bad law into public government record. We don’t often have opportunities to present our opposition on the federal level. There are many proposals made to SORNA under this proposal of concern.

First, AG William Barr is trying to reestablish the delegation of decision making of AWA policy to the AG which was previously given to disgraced former AG Alberto Gonzalez back in 2006. The goal is to apply the AWA retroactively in spite of rulings like Does v Snyder which found SORNA to be punitive. As one person in the FAC comment section put it, “It expands the law of strict liability and basically gives the US Attorney a ‘Carte Blanche’ to do what he/she wants to do.”

Second, readers have expressed concerns over the expansion of info to be collected and disseminated to include expanded employment info, including professional licenses. This is a huge concern since currently, only about half of US States list some form of employment info.

There have been other concerns, as noted at ACSOL:

According to the proposed regulations, individuals will be required to notify their local registration office if they leave the jurisdiction for seven days or longer. This requirement is proposed allegedly in order to protect children who reside at the location(s) where a registrant may visit.

The proposed regulations also address overseas travel for those subject to the International Megan’s Law. Specifically, the regulations will require registrants to provide additional information to the federal government regarding their overseas travel such as whether they have dual citizenship and/or a passport issued by another country.”

This is also an opportunity to voice opposition against the public registry altogether. As of August 24, 2020, 51 public comments have been made, but we need as many as possible. Registered Persons, loved ones of registrants, and those who oppose the registry in general should make a statement as soon as possible.


Comments MUST be submitted by October 13, 2020 to be included.

Comments can be submitted anonymously or you can use your real name and/ or organization affiliation, and if you use the electronic submission form, direct comments are limited to 5000 characters, but a full statement and other articles you wish to submit can be made as attachments; up to 10 attachments up to 10MB can be added.

Comments may be mailed to:

Regulations Docket Clerk, Office of Legal Policy

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Room 4234

Washington, DC 20530

If you’d rather file electronically, go to the link below and look for the big green button near the top of the page that says “Submit A Formal Comment.”

Derek W. Logue of
Registered Citizen/ Civil Rights Advocate






  1. August 28, 2020 at 6:38 am

    I submitted my response yesterday. This is what I said:

    First off it is your office that in 2010 debunked the myth “frightening and high” by stating the recidivism rate is less than 5% which is still not true-it is 6/10 of one percent-and now you want to support new additions to the AWA which is in violation of the ex post facto clause (U.S. Const. Art. I, Section 10) and bill of attainder clause (U.S. Const. Art. 1 Section 9). It is also in violation of equal protection and due process laws of the 14th Amendment. It is also a violation of the 4th and 5th Amendments of the Constitution because of all sorts of things including search and seizure and double jeopardy. It also steps all over the 11th Amendment which gives states their sovereignty and the 13th Amendment which abolished all forms of slavery and involuntary servitude. To tell the states they have to not only add more stipulations to their registry laws but to also add those that are off their registry back on the registry. That is violation of separation of powers in cases that they have been court ordered off and/or have been given relief by the courts because the legislative branch cannot overrule, interfere, or act as a member of the judicial branch. In cases like Doe v Snyder a lot of the aspects of the registry were deemed unconstitutional and overall was deemed unconstitutional because it violated the vague doctrine of the 5th Amendment and the ex post fact clause. Just last week a bill that would have added several more restrictions/punishment for murderers was turned down because it was overbearing but yet they face nowhere near the stigma and difficulties that sex offenders face. I threatened to call DHS and threw my roommate out for selling her daughter for free drugs and alcohol yet I was teh one thrown in jail. A friend was arrested and convicted for a crime that was not even a crime nor was it on the books (bothering a child) that was a misdemeanor 30 years ago. Now not only was his crime changed into a class B felony but the entire definition, cause, and elements were completely changed just so they could hit him with a felony. Another friend was on a social media site ran secretly by the FBI and the FBI planted child pornography pics on his account and when he saw them he asked how to get them off his account. There were over 200 pics but he was charged for one pic and the pic wasn’t graphic or nudist. When he went to court even the judge said he could beat the case but when he moved out of state (Tennessee, the state you declared 3rd most corrupt state in 2012) he was sentenced to 6 years and 10 years probation. How is that fair? And you want to support a law that would put innocent people in more jeopardy and hardship? It has been proven time and again sex offenders are the least likely to reoffend but more laws are piled on them while people like murders, child beaters, drunk drivers, and terrorists are treated more humanely and with less restrictions/punishment. “If it saves just one child it is worth it” is the slogan used so many times to justify these draconian laws that resemble very closely the Jim Crow laws and the Nuremburg laws under Hitler that EVERYONE condemned. But what about the 10s of thousands of children who are homeless, fatherless, motherless, beat up, murdered, kicked out of school, humiliated to the point of committing suicide, and constantly mocked because their parent is a sex offender or are one themselves because they were “curious” r was thought innocent. How about the autistic boy in Chattanooga who was arrested and charged with a sex crime because he tried to comfort a crying little girl by hugging her and kissing her in a very innocent gesture of friendship. Or how about the 4 year olds who are being arrested, charged, and convicted and forced to register for life because they played “doctor” which was a game we all played as a child. All this while drunk drivers who kill people are allowed to walk free and the father who “accidentally” broke his kid’s arm gets to do it again, and again, and again. What has this country become? When did we become so much like China and Russia (the U.S.S.R.)? I have supplied empirical evidence that proves sex offenders should have the least restrictions and in fact have the lowest recidivism out of all felons except those who committed suicide (I wonder why) and that 99% of sex crimes are committed by a trusted family member, friend, or colleague and are NOT on the registry. I have also supplied empirical proof that the registry is in fact punishment in disguise of administrative/civil law. I can also back this up with about 8GB of court cases but I wanted to get more personal with the limited number of attachments allowed. For more info on recidivism and sex offender issues got to and

    Uploaded File(s):
    (07) Banishment.pdf
    A Sex Law Gone Awry.pdf
    Bad Data May 2016 (Recidivism).pdf
    100000 Sex Offenders Missing Or Are They.pdf
    Frightening And High (S. Ct. Crucial Mistake About Sex Crime Stats).pdf
    How Registered Sex Offenders View Registries.pdf
    Banishment By A Thousand Laws (SO Residency Compared To Russia 1935).pdf
    sex offender registry unintended consequences(1).pdf
    The Effect of Megan_s Law.pdf
    Collateral Damage in America’s War on Sex Crimes.docx
    Vigilante attacks.docx
    Nuremburg Laws.docx
    Weaponizing the Registry.docx
    We are only as Free as the least Free among us (2019_10_18 19_10_55 UTC).docx
    Who Really Commits New Sex Crimes.docx
    Are GPS ankle bracelets harming the people that are forced to wear them.docx
    Registry is failing.docx
    Nebraska Sex Recidivism Study.pdf
    Once a Sexual Offender Not Always a Sexual Offender.pdf

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