Politics and the Registry

Article was written by Vanguard One, whom has been with SOSEN from the time our site was first opened.


I have always kept politics out of these forums as I felt that we all have our own political opinions outside of the registry. In fact, my ONLY “political” position is how the registry defiles the very concept, as well as the originating precepts, of the US Constitution inspired by the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution is a document of negative liberties, which means that the government does NOT have the “liberty” to restrict any citizen, but to render a process that compartmentali zes such restraints.

In short, state legislatures and the US Congress must create the laws, executives (governors, President) musts enforce those laws, and the judiciary must ensure Constitutional adherence is upheld in processing both the creation AND enforcement of those laws.

Having said that, civil law is ALSO included in this covenant. But one cabal, the Deep State, is actively trying to overturn this covenant and essentially enslave most people to the dictates of few, powerfully-connected elites. At this point, politics is not even a consideration; it is an outright survival mechanism at this point.

To that end, I’ve ALWAYS viewed the registry as a Deep State beta test for the active conditioning and control of a populace who NORMALLY wouldn’t be swayed by such control. The best way to do so? Through children. And sex with children has been hardwired into people, both societal and evolutionary, to prevent children sex with a passionate hatred that transcends even those of serial killers.

OK. So we have this hatred. Now the Deep State can channel this hatred that allows a normally-strong Constitution to be completely shorted out, and hence the Internet Registry is born. The ULTIMATE hate-rage site that allows people to automatically associate ANYONE on the registry to the WORST POSSIBLE thing to EXIST on this planet.

The Deep State nurtures and expands on this for years. Keep in mind that the main reason for this nurturing is to expose people who NORMALLY respect the Constitution, mainly conservatives and other so-called “bigots,” to diss the Constitution, just as the Deep State has ALWAYS done on every other issue.

This is where I essentially came in back in 2005. At the time, the Democratic and Republican parties were both viewed as relatively equal in political posturing AS PARTIES, but not in their official makeup of their members. But back then, I looked at the Internet Registry as the beginning of the major move by the ELITES of both parties to defeat the Constitution and render it invalid for all people. And with the SO Registry, the elites saw their movement FINALLY take hold among ALL people of the one reviled party (Republicans) that created the MINDSET of group hatred, ESSENTIAL for the deconstruction of the Constitution.

Fast forward to 2021. We now have toothless political parties. We have the Deep State essentially control one party lock, stock, and barrel (the Democrats), as well as key leadership (decision-maker) positions in the OTHER party (Republicans). Using the blueprint of the Sex Offender registry, the Deep State is making its play to control the aspect of ALL people’s lives by entrenching divides between people: by race, by gender, by sexual orientation, by class, by pop culture, entertainment, sports…you name it, the Deep State wants to destroy ANY aspect of true unity. And THIS was ALL BROUGHT ON by the existence of the sex offender registry.

I don’t want to be in a position of “I told you so” at this point, though. Remember, the first people killed in Wehrmacht Germany were those who were deemed sexual deviants; in short, the Nazi version of the Sex Offender registry. And you know how THAT turned out. And I not only fear, I RECOGNIZE that this country is fast becoming Nazi Germany…and there is no OTHER United States of America to pull the USA out of its morass as in WW1, WW2, and even the Cold War.

“First, they came for the sex offenders…”

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