Please Note the links that are posted on this page simply mean that they are Registered Citizen related. Just because they’re posted here does not mean that we agree or disagree with the information on the websites nor do we promote these websites.

We are an educational network that is trying to bring some sanity to a system that is out of control and causing collateral damage, to literally hundreds of thousands of children of registered citizen’s  Most of us know from personal experience, the damage that the label can cause. And we would not wish that label placed on another human being.

  • We are against any abuse of children or family members (Domestic violence).
  • We are against the sexual abuse of children.
  • We are in support of reasonable and effective methods of prevention.
  • We are against juveniles being saddled with the sex offender label for normal behavior or even normal misbehavior.

If you have a website YouTube channel or blog that you would like included on our links page. Please contact and provide the necessary information for us to add a link.

BLOGS about registered citizens

Sex offender issues has an excellent TAKE ACTION page with many links on it including important blog posts, petitions, surveys and polls.

Links to groups involved in legal help

Links involved in the problems with travel

Links to other organizations involved in problems concerning registered citizens

State groups working to help register citizens find employment

Organizations that have stepped up to help find registered citizens employment

Groups involved in housing and shelter issues

State groups or organizations

National groups or organizations.

Free or almost Free Education

Online Radio involved in registered citizen issues.

legislative intent comments by legislators, past and present

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